I work clients with many types of concerns, on an individual basis (in contrast to couples or family therapy).  These concerns include those related to mood, life transitions, and coping with other unexpected or challenging situations.  Areas of specialty include:

Strategic communication:  this work focuses on communicating effectively in a particular context, whether it be in close personal or work relationships.

Relationship:  I work on problems in relationship that may include factors other than communication, such as changing dysfunctional themes, or better understanding persistent patterns.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator:  I am certified in the MBTI, an assessment measure that provides information about your personality style as regards many facets, such as decision-making and communication style.  This instrument provides a wealth of rich information and I use it with my clients for the purpose of identifying new insights that relate to either their interest or problem.

What I have noted above is not exhaustive.  If you would like more information about whether I work with the concern facing you, I invite you to contact me and I am happy to answer your questions.