Question: Is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator a test?

Answer: No. The MBTI is not a trait-based measure, so it does not quantify amounts of any quality or ability. It sorts you into one of 16 healthy personalities based on your preferences

Question: Do my MBTI results reveal problems I may be having?

Answer: No. The MBTI reflects your basic personality. We then use that information to discuss any particular problem that you may want to address.

Question: Do I have to have a problem to work with the MBTI?

Answer: No. But I do think that bringing in a question or a point of curiosity personalizes your MBTI results and bring them to life

Question: What if I want to use the MBTI for relationship work, but my partner doesn’t?

Answer: I have done individual work with a relationship focus for years. It is distinct from couples work, with its own benefits. Any person can use the MBTI for a relationship concern and find it useful for learning about his/her own needs and preferences.

I enjoy and welcome questions about my work and about the MBTI. Please feel free to call me for more information about my practice.

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