MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Personal Consultation:  I am a certified practitioner of the MBTI, which is a tool that is used to provide information about your healthy personality that can help you to learn more about yourself in many areas, including:  how you prefer to make decisions, communicate, and manage conflict and stress.

Using the MBTI, I work with clients who want to learn more about themselves, usually with a particular interest in mind, such as more insight into their relationship patterns, or communication style.  I offer a two-session package that includes your taking the MBTI, your MBTI results, and how to use the information your results provide with your initial interest or goal in mind.  I also work with clients who have previously taken the MBTI and would like to understand their results or type at a deeper level.

Clients choose how many sessions they would like to have.  Some opt for a two-session focus on MBTI results.  Others choose to continue with additional sessions during which we apply the MBTI results to either an interest or a problem of their choosing.

I offer the MBTI Step I, which identifies your healthy personality type, as well as the MBTI Step II, another version of the inventory that provides more detailed information about the way you express your healthy personality type.  Clients may also order MBTI reports that provide additional information about topics such as:  their personality and communication style, decision-making, managing conflict, stress, and/or career.  I am happy to answer questions about these options.

Please contact me with questions about the options related to working with the MBTI in my practice.   









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